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Helping me remain independent.

I have known Ms. Haynes personally for a number of years. During the longevity of our friendship, I have found her to be the possessor of many distinguished attributes; honesty, trustworthy, creative and quite knowledgeable of current occupational therapy experiences and literature. Ms. Haynes has been my occupational therapist, at all times exhibiting competent skills. She recommended ways to help me be as independent as possible, recommending equipment to make me safe in my home and to help my family take care of me. She was compassionate and patient with me, a happy 94 year-old senior citizen.

Eva B Mannings

Retired Educator, Tallahassee, Florida


A godsend for my
ailing mother.

Cheryl Haynes, OT, was a Godsend during my mother’s illness and subsequent transition.  Over 5 years ago, when we remodeled the family home and prior to my mother’s illness, she suggested widening the interior doors in the house, installing a bench and grab bars in the bathrooms and other suggestions in anticipation of a family member facing declining health and/or an injury. As life took a sudden turn, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and these improvements made her change in circumstances much more bearable. Being inexperienced in healthcare, our family had to depend on Ms. Haynes every step of the way.  She was extremely competent and capable of giving sound healthcare suggestions/advice without being opinionated or aggressive.  She was also sensitive to family dynamics and did not interfere in the ultimate family decisions that were made about my mother’s care and well-being.  One instance was in the middle of the night when my mother was having severe pain and discomfort — we managed to get a prescription called in but the pharmacist could not get insurance approval.  Mrs. Haynes simply asked the pharmacist to allow us to self-pay for enough meds to get her through the night and we would deal with the insurance the following day.  Being distressed and anxious in addition to being ill-informed about the healthcare industry, I would never have arrived at this conclusion.  I absolutely love and respect the work of Ms. Haynes and can’t thank her enough for the services she provided during one of the most difficult times in my life.  I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone in need without hesitation!

Chan Bryant Abney

Attorney, Stuart, Florida